Welcome to our new look and name – ‘Kingsbridge Youth For Christ’!  Formerly known as ‘Spiritulized YFC’ we have been actively involved in the Kingsbridge community and local area for over two decades, sharing the message of Jesus and the Christian faith. We love Kingsbridge and the young people here, and believe there is a rich future, full of potential, for every one of them.

In Today’s culture, we recognise that to see change, there needs to be change; and we believe that a fresh new look and name will lead us into our next chapter as Youth For Christ in Kingsbridge.

In September 2018, Spiritulized YFC relaunched as Kingsbridge Youth For Christ. 

Please read on to finout more about the new look and name!

God bless,

Jonny Richmond

Director, Kingsbridge Youth For Christ


Kingsbridge Youth For Christ – We’re about seeing young people’s lives changed by Jesus! 

This has always been our aim and focus, ever since ‘Spiritulized YFC’  began two decades ago. But because we feel so strongly about seeing young people’s lives changed, we have decided to change our branding with a fresh new look and name, to speak loudly and clearly about who we are, and what we are here for.

Why? The answer is so that more young people’s lives will be changed by Jesus.

How does changing our branding do that?

To start with, we are moving away from the abbreviation ‘YFC’.  We believe our name declares who we are, what we are about and keeps us honest in our mission. We are “Youth for Christ”. In other words, we are stating our very mission every time we introduce ourselves and ensuring we keep ourselves focused on that task. We are about young people and we are about serving Jesus through the great commission.

Where? In Kingsbridge! And we want our name to reflect clearly who we are here for. We are proud of and love the community in which we want to invest.

New Logo

As part of this fresh new look and name, we have chosen to replace our logo – to be in line with the national Youth for Christ movement.  Across the country there are over 70 British Youth for Christ centres, and together we reach and engage over 250,000 young people with the news of Jesus each month . We are part of an international family and movement, but serve our local community wholeheartedly. Our new logo design shows that we are part of this wider family, but still exist to serve the community of Kingsbridge, it’s young people, families, schools and churches!

“Spiritulized YFC” has been replaced by “Kingsbridge Youth For Christ” and we have adopted the new symbol: a letter Y, featuring a heart. We believe God’s heart beats for young people in Kingsbridge, and we believe that Jesus can transform their lives!

The former ‘Spiritulized YFC’ logo

The new ‘Kingsbridge Youth For Christ’ Logo

Enduring Mission

Our mission to “take Good News relevantly to every young person in Britain” firmly remains.

The tagline of our movement has been simplified: “We’re about seeing young people’s lives changed by Jesus” and we are committed to that call.